Releif Workers in a CyberSecurity Emergency

Disclaimer: This content is the result of my having survived several emergencies of varying effect sizes. Most of these ideas are rules of thumb, and not canned answers. As in any emergency your best outcome will be if you keep calm, consider many options, and flow from plan to backup plan as requried.

Maintaining Security while Visiting an Emergency Zone

If you enter a cybersecurity emergency zone with minimal electronics for communication purposes, i.e., a laptop and a cell phone, the following may be useful guidelines:

If you want to help people, please, please, please start from a place of respect. The communities in South Florida are of varied racial and ethnic backgrounds. People there are from all over the world, and South Florida is currently addressing a global warming crisis whose discussion the rest of our country has ignored and repressed.

Having met a number of people there and knowing the strength of the community, I trust that relief workers will be treated very well, be as safe as possible, and greeted with a great deal of gratitude.

It behoves the rest of the country to help out South Florida, after decades of silently contributing to the problems of global warming, politics, and cyber-insecurity.


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