Disclaimer: This content is the result of my having survived several emergencies of varying effect sizes in several communities. Most of these ideas are rules of thumb, and not canned answers. As in any emergency your best outcome will be if you keep calm, consider many options, and flow from plan to backup plan as required.

Thanks to my communities, as people you trust are always the first line of defense.

Thanks to my systems administrator who has taught me more about computer security than anyone else by patiently explaining how she configured her network.

Thanks to my team of mentors, as people with more experience than you can often help you keep your options open when fear might narrow them.

Thanks to my students, who demand independence and tell me how much guidance they actually want. You all inspire me with respect for your cultures and your courage in living your values. Especially courageous are those who have been persecuted minorities in our country.

Thanks to my friends, who support me as an individual and who value me regardless of my professional accomplishments.

Thanks to my sister, who has always been my strongest supporter.

Thanks to my parents, who have always protected and nurtured my independence.

Thanks to my wife.

This web site documents how I say no to hackers and bullies. I've consulted my communities, my friends, and my mentors. Their wisdom appears here, after it has been vetted by application to my own life.

The only secrets to security are hard work, dedication, freedom, and unique solutions. I'm sharing openly, because people still seem to think that there is some secret to safety. Safety must always be rooted in individual freedom and community protection.

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