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Purchase a Hardened Device

"We used this computer to administer our CTF at defcon, on the notoriously most hostile network on earth. It stood up to the network and made it through the conference unscathed." -- Joe Basirico, VP, Security Innovation, 2016

Look at the map to see if you are living or visiting a location known to have high security risks.

Our devices are hardened (with the latest quarantines and security filters) for travel and use in locations that are currently experiencing security challenges. Intrepid Net Computing maintains a fleet of secured mobile devices by field-testing these devices in locations that are known to have many active exploits.

Our laptops come with a specially installed network environment that is the "travel kit". Together the package mitigates the following threats: poisoned DNS, worms, viruses, trojans, and physical access attempts. If you use your smart phone with the travel kit, then your phone is safer as well.

Laptop with Linux (CentOS 7) ....... email for price

  • CentOS 7, OpenOffice, ClamAV, XEmacs, Skype, Gimp
  • Travel Kit: wireless router/bridge, USB battery, cables and adapters

Laptop with MS Windows ....... email for price

Laptop with Mac OS X ........... email for price

Travel Kit ............. email for price

  • Wireless gateway
  • USB battery
  • Cables
  • Adapters
Cell Phone ............. email for price
  • Unlocked phones suitable for international travel
  • Recommended phone plans by travel location
While we cannot guarantee security, we provide you with customized security that lives up to our intrepid standards (please see the FAQ for details).

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