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Computer security requires physical security, and borders on the specialties of physical security, law enforcement, and military. Dr. Kirkpatrick strives to effectively interface with other professionals while uniquely blending approaches from both electronic and physical security. Dr. Kirkpatrick can physically trouble-shoot user experiences in complicated environments, including high observation environments.

Dr. Kirkpatrick is among the few computer security professionals that has advanced computing degrees, effectively employs statistics, and understands the complexity of the social milieu. Dr. Kirkpatrick can tailor-write algorithms for security purposes, as well as trouble-shoot existing algorithms from an expert perspective. His extensive experiences in computational biology research prepares him to track difficult-to-detect problems in computer systems and networks. He can write statistical algorithms to detect hacking by observation alone, without isolating the foreign code belonging to the exploit or virus.

Dr. Kirkpatrick does not hack and will do his best to avoid working with any professional or customer that engages in illegal activities. He can interface with almost any existing team of security professionals, and he works well with all types of people.

Dr. Kirkpatrick's services are offered on a consultation basis that is modeled on first-responder medical services where he will prioritieze both problems and customers. If another IT professional can help you with your technical challenge, Dr. Kirkpatrick will recommend appropriate professionals. Customers who consult with Dr. Kirkpatrick will be provided with recommendations and tailored instruction in computer technologies. Customers will remain ethically responsible for the consequences of the actions they take, even if those actions are based on the knowledge or recommendations that Dr. Kirkpatrick provides. Dr. Kirkpatrick will make every effort to maintain customer privacy and be discreet.

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