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Answer all your questions about computers---from right where you are in plain English

answerIT TM : Micro-Consulting

  • Obtain high quality and understandable answers

  • Understand realistic scenarios of hacking

  • Learn about people and computers

  • Ask questions from anywhere

  • Electronic billing

  • Pay by credit card

Find answers to all your computing questions from software to people. Equip yourself by knowing what is possible and what is not. Answers given in plain English.

Dr. Kirkpatrick provides boutique computer security for individuals and small businesses. He can secure workstations, servers, and code. His expertise is algorithms, artificial intelligence, and computational biology.

Query Dr. Kirkpatrick (Ph.D. UC Berkeley, Computer Science) with your hardest questions. Answers are explained in plain English.

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If you would like technical answers, please see Intrepid Net Computing's full consulting service, answerIT TM : Consulting.

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