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Travel Kits and Cell Phones

Travel exposes your laptop and phone to many vulnerabilities, since the security of the networks you access is unknown to you. We recommend carrying a small kit of travel-specific electronics which will help ensure your security. The kit includes instructions and devices like USB adapters, a cell phone battery, wireless router/bridge.

The travel kits are operating-system independent and improve the security of all known operating systems. Consistent use of your travel kit and accompanying travel tips for creating your own subnetwork, rather than relying foreign networking equipment, will help keep your computer and data safe.

The travel kit, when used with your existing computer and phone, mitigate the following threats: poisoned DNS and worms. If you want to economize your security spending, we suggest investing in a travel kit.

Travel Kit ............. $300

  • Wireless router/bridge,
  • USB battery
  • Cables
  • Adapters
Cell Phone ............. $60
  • Unlocked phones suitable for international travel
  • Recommended phone plans by travel location

Note: these travel kits are custom configured. It is not possible to get the same security by simply purchasing the devices for yourself.

While we cannot guarantee security, we provide you with customized security that lives up to our intrepid standards (please see the FAQ for details).

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