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business: response, Part 5: Recovery

Rapid Response to Breach, Part 4

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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Use strategic elements wisely.

Strategy consists of small movements whose timing maters in the management of a breach. The strategic elements of a breach include:

  • announcement of a breach,
  • rebooting computers,
  • re-installing operating systems, and
  • upgrading software.
While each strategic item involves timing, the expense varies.

The announcement of a breach is strategic. It cares with it the attendant risk of increased hacking. By the principle of responsible disclosure, you should contain your risk before announcing. This means removing highly sensitive information from hacker-controlled computers and blocking the worst of the intrusion routes.

Rebooting computers is a strategic way to clear exploits out of active memory. A simple security measure is to reboot once or twice a day at irregular times for the duration of the attack.

Re-installing operating systems is a strategic way to clear exploits off the hard-disk. When done very carefully, this usually yields a computer that is clean until re-infection. This is more expensive than rebooting.

Upgrading software can strategically improve security. However, if your network is compromised, this may lead to further compromise.

These strategic elements matter in their timing. They can be employed to keep the hackers off balance.

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