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business: response, Part 4: Strategy

Rapid Response to Breach, Part 3

by Brent Kirkpatrick

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Do not rely on hacked communications during breach response.

Coordination is crucial during breach response. Cooperation across departments and on teams of IT people. The normal modes of communications may be breached, so effective coordination may make use of off-line communications, such as in person conversation or telephone.

In any case, email may be breached, so it is better not to rely on it. Business email compromise is one of the most expensive cyber-crimes and one of the most dangerous during an ongoing breach. Imagine a hacker posing as your CEO during a crucial response to a breach. The hacker could interfere with response measures and defraud pay checks at the same time.

Off-line communications may be key to handling a breach. There are also on-line options that are different from your normal communications, for example Exigence which is a cloud-based ticket system for incident management. Do not forget that in person conversation is very useful for sorting out misunderstandings and meetings are useful methods of broadcast. If necessary, even a memo may be more efficient and less compromised than email.

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