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Formalized IT

by Brent Kirkpatrick

(Date Published: .)

Scientific accuracy in the discipline of IT.

There is a discipline and science to the practice of information technology (IT) that leads to more security. IT is not just art or experience. Intrepid Net Computing has invented scientific formalisms for IT.

IT professionals can practice a science that promotes reliability and security. By using science, your network and systems become more dependable and predictable.

By formalizing the discipline of IT, Intrepid Net Computing is able to approach computer security problems with efficiency, ease, and scientific accuracy. Our approach leads to better detection of hacking, improved defenses, and a legal standard of evidence.

Dr. Brent Kirkpatrick, Intrepid Net Computing's head of research, discovered formalisms for information technology. He uses science to provide better security at a lower cost than competitors.

defendIT (TM). AI-driven security measures derived from security incident data.

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