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Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

by Brent Kirkpatrick

(Date Written: 1/30/2020. Date Published: .)

Cybersecurity can be somewhat disentangled from questions of data privacy.

Data privacy, governed by paperwork, can be separated from technical issues of cybersecurity. HIPAA itself regulates physical security, cybersecurity, and data exchange. When a cybersecurity threat presents itself, the PHI can be removed from the protected computers, and the cybersecurity team can proceed without regard th HIPAA regulations.

The advantage of this approach is is multi-faceted:

  1. any exploits discovered can immeadeately be reported to the FBI (as required by federal mandate)
  2. the investigations can be conducted by the best professionals in the field
  3. the protected computers can be mailed off-site

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Protection of data privacy is by necessity accomplished by a combination of data privacy controls and cybersecurity controls. By disentangling the data privacy controls from the hacked computers, cybersecurity teams are free to do their jobs.

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